ind-health Individual Health Insurance

Choosing the right insurance plan can be daunting. Our team is here to help and advise clients which plan is best for them and why. We are available to discuss medical insurance along with individual dental and/or vision plans.

Affordable Care Act’s Marketplace

The Health Care Marketplace is a comparison website brought about by the Affordable Care Act, where eligible clients can obtain a tax credit and lower their monthly premiums. To be eligible for a tax credit, the Marketplace will look at the previous year’s tax returns and will then determine if they are eligible; and if so, how big of a credit they will receive. Our team will help clients determine if the Marketplace is the right way to go.

medicare-sup Medicare Supplement

For clients who are Medicare eligible, a Medicare Supplement may help cut some out-of-pocket medical costs. A Medical Supplement is designed to pay Medicare approved charges that are not paid by Medicare. These plan can be complicated, but we assure our clients that they will walk out of our office feeling confident in their decision and plan chosen.

group-vision Group Health Insurance

Our team currently advises over 100 groups, and growing, in the Bartlesville and surrounding areas. We will help employers select an appropriate plan for their employees, and strive to keep the premium at the lowest cost possible. Benefits are available to groups with as little as two employees, groups with 100 or more employees, and everything in between.

worksite Worksite Benefits

Worksite Benefits are supplemental benefits that include, Accident plans, Disability policies, Cancer and Critical Illness policies, and many more. These benefits are typically for employer groups, and will be payroll deducted. Individual accident and disability plans can be purchased as well.

dental Individual Dental

Dental Insurance is one that is easily skipped over when thinking about health insurance, however it is important for a person’s well being. Our team works with Delta Dental and Blue Cross Blue Shield to fit our clients’ dental needs, and Delta Dental has one of the largest networks in the nation.

group-dental Group Dental

Back in 2013, Doug proposed a plan to Delta Dental and the Chamber of Commerce in Bartlesville. Employer groups that are members of the Chamber are eligible to join the Chambers dental plan and save money on their dental insurance.

groupvision Individual and Group Vision

Eye care benefits aren’t just for vision correction. In fact, according to VSP, an eye exam can detect conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, years before symptoms emerge. VSP has one of the largest networks, with over 30,000 doctors to choose from. Our team offers VSP to both individuals and groups.

time Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care insurance is designed to help pay expenses one might need for long-term care services. These services include: home health care, assisted living, or nursing home care.